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Chris is the clear, confident, consoling voice you want to trust. The guy in the next cube over. The dad across the street. If you’ve got a great idea, he’s there to share it. If you’ve got a problem, he’s there to care.

A geeky theater kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology and earned a master’s degree in Religion from Claremont School of Theology after training two years as a hospital chaplain. In his subsequent professional career in corporate communication, he has worked extensively developing strategic messaging for public relations and professional services firms. Living now in Seattle, he is also a published poet active in the Pacific Northwest’s vibrant literary scene.

Chris is a professional male voiceover talent who has trained with some of the best voice acting instructors in California, New York, and the Pacific Northwest. Based in Seattle, he works from an on-site professional recording studio.

He knows it takes more than a voice to move the imagination.

It takes a story.


"Having Chris Buckley narrate a book is exactly what you hope it will be: quick, professional, and done well!"

-Jacob Kier, Velox Books